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plenum’s analytical capabilities speak through their success. Our clients optimize their top-line by using our sales and controlling cockpit. Knowledge from analyzed data is at the very core of their business decisions.

Plenum Analytics

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How it works

A more detailed look at our data analytics capabilities.


  • Customer analysis and reporting
  • Development of KPIs and control systems
  • Scenario analysis
  • Organization profitability
  • Controlling

Product portfolio

  • Product bundling analytics
  • Targeted marketing and cross-sell, up-sell and equipment upgrade program optimization
  • Product pricing
  • Product profitability

Predictive sales & marketing

  • Sales forecasting and likelihood evaluation
  • Churn prediction


  • Market segmentation
  • Micro-market segmentation
  • Individual customer targeting
  • Cost modeling and customer profitability analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Channel analysis and determination
  • Customer needs analysis
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Customer experience analysis

Sales support

  • Incentive effectiveness analysis
  • Lifetime value scoring and targeted customer retention and management (loyalty)

Lead and campaign management

  • Campaigning, tracking and scoring of sales & marketing campaigns
  • ROI analytics
  • Marketing investments: rebates, financing offers, and other incentives to dealers, agents, or distributors

Fraud detection

  • Credit-risk assessment and fraud prediction analysis

Competitive benchmarking

  • Market analysis
  • Market demand forecasting
  • Market share forecasting
  • Industry benchmarking
  • Industry landscape

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Driving top-line growth and bottom line profitability.

Service portfolio

Through its fact-based business-consulting portfolio, plenum diagnoses the client’s existing commercial model, analyzes its operational structures, and advises on sustainable improvement.


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